World’s toughest fixes – Romanian workforce

NEDCON MARITIME – Proud of our contribution at one of the World’s toughest fixes!

Narcis Bacaintan, Managing Director of Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply: “The movie clip from ‘World’s toughest fixes’ National Geographic documentary, reveals an episode where our professional Romanian workers managed to handle one of the many extraordinary situations they were engaged in. During this incredible job they faced some of the most dangerous and roughest conditions imagined, proving commitment, responsibility and discipline and therefore improving our clients’ satisfaction.”

Riggers, Mechanics, Steelworkers, Coded Welders, Scaffolders, Blaster/Painters, all Romanian workers provided by Nedcon Maritime feature in this video on ‘World’s Toughest Fixes’, regarding Cruise Ship Engine. Among other complex jobs, the workers are skilled in installing and overhauling all types of naval engines, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boilers, condensers, cargo and ballast pumps.The video shown in the below link presents how a brand new, less costly power plant is installed on a cruise ship:

The men had to deal with a huge 15,000 horse power engine connected with an electric generator, which brought together nearly 12,000 KW electricity, just enough to light a small city.

Nedcon Maritime: “We supply large numbers of highly skilled workers on request for repairs onboard vessels and in worldwide shipyards on a very short notice. Our technicians and workers are ready for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, ready to travel all over the world in order to carry out your maintenance, new buildings and repair projects. All the men have extensive abroad experience, strong safety culture and intercultural experience, are enthusiastic, determined, motivated, performing even the most complex job requirements with commitment for high productivity.

Romanian workforce will improve your business performance and productivity while reducing costs, by offering quality and professional services! NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply is pledged to provide highly-experienced labour for maritime services, aiming to become the best solution for any demands in respect of workforce.”

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