Team of Specialists for Gas Scrubber Retrofit Projects

Team of Specialists for Gas Scrubber Retrofit Projects

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply is proud to announce the development of a new team of specialists dealing with numerous exhaust gas scrubber retrofit projects in one of the biggest Shipyards in Europe, in 2015. The projects have been undergone on 5 vessels, each of them concluded rapidly and efficiently.

This type of project is of great importance for worldwide shipowners due to the reducing of the Sulphur emissions from ship engines, generators and boilers, enabling vessels to comply with the Sulphur emission limits required by IMO MARPOL regulations without the need to change to low-Sulphur fuel. Ships can continue to burn heavy fuel, a much cost effective and easy to source solution.

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply General Manager, Mr. Narcis Bacaintan said “our team of specialists involved in the projects was composed of highly-experienced Mechanical Fitters, Pipefitters, Steelworkers and Coded Welders, a very strong and competitive team who significantly contributed to the success of each retrofit, undergoing very complex works on the funnel structures, deck platforms and ladders and exhaust gas pipes.”

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply team is ready for the next challenge and looking forward to further similar projects in the nearest future.

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