Riding Squads for Passenger Refits

NEDCON Maritime: After completing last year the training for Georg Fisher innovative plastic piping systems with a group of over 30 Pipefitters, NEDCON Maritime continuously supplied riding squads for its client’s major projects for the passenger vessels refitting using this new piping system.
Narcis Bacaintan, Managing Director of NEDCON Maritime: “The strength of our riding squads can undoubtedly be attributed to their qualifications and experience, associated with their specific trainings and motivation. These projects have been great examples of how our teams of professionals can turn around large-scale refits in very short time frames. All the projects were developed in dry-docking or on board during vessel operation and were completed on schedule as per our client’s satisfaction. We are proud to have been the best solution for our customer’s demands in providing the workforce for their rolling projects. As the number of our projects increased in the last period, we look forward for the new challenges that will strain our services of manpower supply.”

As always, NEDCON Maritime is committed to supply personnel that qualifies as being skilled, motivated, experienced, and with worldwide experience. NEDCON Maritime excels in gathering the most suitable candidates forming riding squads, with hard working, cooperative and English knowledge tradespeople.

The trades covered by our riding squads:

  • scaffolders
  • fitters
  • coded welders
  • steel workers
  • fabricators
  • insulators
  • laggers
  • pipe fitters
  • boiler makers
  • mechanical fitters
  • riggers
  • painter blasters
  • tank cleaners
  • electricians
  • platers

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