Shipyard Personnel

Our success comes from supplying our clients with the best people, for their requirements.

We believe that Nedcon Maritime’s processes for the recruitment and selection of personnel, done according to client specifications, are major components in the way we create value for the customer, among which we remind the following outstanding elements:

• High level of quality candidates
• Our guarantee to customers concerning how the selected candidate adjusts to the job and integrates into the working team
• Instruction services and training offered to the people registered in Nedcon Maritime’s data base.

The recruitment and deployment of qualified shipboard personnel is carried out following strict selection procedures, including interviews and full checks on personal history.

Nedcon Maritime adheres to a number of principles in its recruitment policy, including the points below which help us to guarantee selection of the best personnel:

• Evaluation of candidates
• Checking and verifying references
• Employing only the best candidates
• Ensuring objectives are met