The Modern Maritime Piracy and the Legal Action against it

Modern pirate attacks are very different from what we see on television or in the movies. The pirates are no longer legends but real criminals who use very complex weaponry and commonly assail from scaled-down motorboats. Today many part-time fishermen from many poor countries had graduated to full-time piracy because they realized that the fishing …

Crew structure on board merchant vessels – engine department

As mentioned in the previous material for the deck department on board merchant vessels, life on board is focused on precise rules and tasks. Each crew member carries out his rank duties in order to keep the vessel operations running safely and smoothly.

The engine crew is responsible with operating, maintaining and repairing, when required, the propulsion and support system. The engine department is also responsible with the repair and maintenance of other systems, such as: lighting, lubrication, refrigeration, air conditioning, separation, fuel oil, electrical power and so on. read more

crew structure

Crew structure on board merchant vessels – deck departmentStructura echipajului pe vasele comerciale

Life on board of a vessel is very different from any other shore based jobs or organization. Each crew member has a precise rank and carries certain responsibilities in order to maintain the vessel operations successful. Mainly, the vessel’s crew has two types of seafarers: officers and ratings. Both these types of crew members have […]