Nedcon Maritime – Paperless office!

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply Managing Director Narcis BACAINTAN declared: “Starting with February 2014 we are proud to announce that our working environment is a new born paperless office! We worked a lot to achieve this goal and finally our efforts have paid off!

Deposits and mountains of paper have been stored on bookshelves since Nedcon Maritime first started its activity, more that 16 years ago and almost created a sense of claustrophobia whenever someone entered the office. Therefore the entire team worked together, evaluated the possibilities in order to change the situation and finally managed to transform almost all paper documents into a digital format! The whole operation was completed in less than 4 months: hundreds of files and folders were stocked in archive boxes, all information being now available on computers.” read more


The Training Courses for Romanian Officers and Ratings

Romanian seafarers have the reputation of being some of the best seafarers in the world and one reason for that is their continuous training offered by the Romanian Maritime Centers. Nedcon Maritime is recruiting for over 15 years the best qualified and trained Romanian seafarers for all types of vessels that are sailing worldwide. Life […]

Romanian Workforce Performance

NEDCON Maritime is the largest, independent Romanian Manpower Supply Company involved in the recruitment of Shipyard Personnel, Riding Teams, Romanian Seafarers, Oil & Energy Professionals and Hospitality Personnel. With an experience on the market of over 17 years, NEDCON Maritime has been providing manpower services to worldwide employers, deploying …

The Maritime Job Opportunities

The Maritime industry is one of the most offering and dynamic industry on the jobs market. This industry is growing rapidly being the source of a constant flow of trade worldwide. Maritime project management department plays a very important role and is assigned to deal with all the technical issues like ship condition surveys and […]

Find your place in a ship crew structure

The ship crew Seafarers hold a wide range of professions and ranks, and each of these roles carries unique and tremendous important responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation of a vessel. A ship’s bridge, with its sophisticated technical equipment, requires skills differing from those used on the deck, which houses all the …

Dynamic Positioning from A to Z (Part III)

  V. How to become a DP Operator The stages in becoming a DPO are the following:The DP operator, (DPO) is the officer in charge of judging whether there is enough redundancy available at any given moment of the operation. In order to become a DPO a seafarer must first have his Deck Officer Certificate, […]

Romanian Port of Constanta – History and development

Romanian Port of Constanta is a part of the city history. Starting from the 6th century b. C. was discovered Tomis the antique city of Constanta. It was known as a trade center mainly for its geographical characteristics. Tomis city was situated near the Black Sea Water one of its main characteristic for becoming an […]

Dynamic Positioning from A to Z (Part II)

I. History It all started in the 1960s when the offshore drilling moved to deeper waters and Jack-up barges could not be used anymore and anchoring became less economical. The first vessel to use dynamic positioning was “CUSS 1”, made of an old war surplus YF barge at 3400 LT displacement. The ship had 4 […]

Why Work On a Cruise Ship?

First of all, there are some incredible benefits that come with working on a cruise ship. Cruise ships are the crown jewel of all ships ever built. Let’s face it, a job on this type of ship it’s a job that… • Allows you to work in a luxurious 5 stars environment. • Pays you […]