Innovative recruiting system for Nedcon Maritime

NEDCON MARITIME: As a recruitment company in the maritime industry, have you ever faced with tons of CV’s from various candidates and didn’t know how to organize them and how to schedule them for the interview? What about after they show up for the interview? How do you keep track of their evolution in order to select the best person for the jobs?Recruiting system

Well, NEDCON Maritime has found the best solution in the implementation of an innovative recruiting system, making it easier for both the company and the job seeking men to use the new facility. Not only is it easier to apply but it is also more efficient and time saving.

Any new job available is posted through our website using the new modern tool so that anyone interested can apply. The job details can be found on the Latest jobs page at, where, according to the domain someone is interested in, anyone can check the vacancies in the Crewing, Shipyard, Riding squads or Oil and Energy sector. It is easy to see the available jobs and also to apply for a job of interest with just one click. As soon as applied the program automatically creates an account and saves the attached documents for the new applicant.

This new system is also integrated with the social media, Facebook and Linkedin, and the data are automatically uploaded into the system with just a click of a button. This can help companies attract people who are more interested in Internet and social networks. Another advantage is that it is also a good way of promoting our company services.

NARCIS Bacaintan, Managing Director:   “By introducing this new and modern recruiting system, Nedcon Maritime is the first Romanian manpower supply company and the only company in Romania to provide such a facility to the applicants. Among with the recruiting system we also integrated the software that allows us to import the Applications directly from the recruiting system. All biodata gathered in our system – personal details, professional experience, medical records, licenses, studies are updated and verified in bulk and the generation of the application CV’s is also made automatically with just one click. Also the system allows generating in bulk all the forms and documents that need to be completed for work permit or employment purposes. Through these performant tools we managed to simplify our work, to increase productivity and reduce the operations time. ”

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