NEDCON Maritime: This year, Nedcon Maritime has started a new experience receiving a very important request for a team of Pipefitters to be trained in an innovative pipe system consisting of fiber glass pipes.

NEDCON Maritime performed very well in gathering the best team of professionals for the training and providing the facility and that all required tools and materials were in location, therefore assuring all the conditions for the training to be performed in optimal conditions.

The training consisted in two phases: the theoretical part and the practical part and the team was divided in 2 groups. During the 4 days of training, conducted by the fiber glass manufacturer designated specialist, the professionals assimilated in the shortest time all the information received, communicating extremely well with the trainer, proving their English knowledge and extensive experience as pipefitters, easily adapting to any new material requested for them to work with and understanding the advantages of this new type of pipe system which are resistant to rotting and corrosion combining the long established benefits of composite materials including light weight and excellent long service lifetime.

After completing the training, the men were certified for proving their new qualification and they will be required to work in the next two months on two very big refit projects on passenger vessels, consisting in the replacement of the current piping system with fiber glass pipes, and by performing a good job the new system will hopefully last the lifetime of the vessel.

Once again, Nedcon Maritime has proven the capacity to find the best solutions to meet the clients’ demands, assembling in the shortest time the most prepared candidates for the job and reassuring that all the requested criteria are respected. The men involved in this project stressed out again the importance of their vast and worldwide experience on all the materials they performed so far bringing their contribution to the modernization of the cruise vessel industry.

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