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By retaining files of recruited personnel, electronically by becoming “Paperless Office”, Nedcon Maritime ensures it keeps track of the professional and employment history of any person employed. We believe that proper assessment and tracking of our personnel’s career trajectory means we can best provide you with a committed, professional workforce.

Data we collect includes information on the candidate’s working history:

  • Commitment, previous contracts and details of previous employment
  • Feed-back, including any instances of a contract being cancelled or behavioural problems
  • Period of contracts
  • Position of rank
  • Possibility of promotion

Nedcon Maritime’s employment procedure can be described in the following stages:

  • Contact the accepted candidates and prepare the necessary documents and forms for departure, including visas, work permits, letters of guarantee and any other documents required.
  • Medical examination and up-dating of health records, including vaccinations, where applicable
  • Signing employment documents
  • Notifying the client
  • Personnel training
  • Confirmation for departure or reason for failure of departure