Demolition teams

NEDCON MARITIME MANPOWER SUPPLY: A demolition team gathered in less than a day!  A special requirement for a team of qualified personnel needed for a demolition project of removal of bulkheads, deck heads, ceilings, walls and other interiors – was a doable task for NEDCON MARITIME MANPOWER SUPPLY Team. Knowing the importance of a well done job – as a matter of quality and time frame, the most experienced and skilled people were contacted to be part of this riding team. The project was for 2 passenger vessels that needed to be prepared for a total refurbishment. The complexity of the refit project starts with the process of demolition of the fittings that need to be changed and preparing the sites for the new installings. The accent was put on the worldwide experience and very good English knowledge of every member of the riding squad as the job needed to be completed perfectly in order to meet the client’s satisfaction. The members of the repair teams have previously worked together in similar important projects and count one on each other in order to perform the project smoothly. They are all multi skilled and have multiple qualifications, are very used to take the project from the beginning and to complete it in the best conditions in due time, guaranteeing for the excellence of their work. The foreman of this team was very experienced on this type on projects and managed to coordinate his team to obtain the expected results.  Another successful project performed in the best conditions by our team! Looking forward to the next challenges in the maritime manpower supply requirements!

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