Crew supply challenges caused by the current global context

Against an already turbulent disturbed background of global inflationary pressures and disrupted supply chains, the aftermath of the war between Russia and Ukraine adds up to consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

The war is causing widespread disruption to global shipping and is already exacerbating the existing supply chain disruption, port congestion and crew crises.

Together, all these are reducing the global availability of crews and are causing a recruitment and manning crisis without precedence.

However, crew shortages have been somewhat reduced by the willingness of seafarers to stay on board for longer periods.

The shortfall of available crew members is causing an increase of the salaries on one hand, as the shipping companies are eager to rapidly attract genuine candidates in an inflationary market.  On the other hand, it encourages some applicants to amend their CVs with falsified sea records, hoping to cheat a desperate employer into accepting them.

At Nedcon Maritime we are conducting a very thorough screening and checking process for each candidate we propose to our clients, to protect from such fraud: including interviews, certificates authenticity checks, and full checks on personal history with previous employers.

NEDCON MARITIME Manpower Supply can easily qualify for an excellence in recruiting badge, being a suitable and trustworthy partner in providing the best recruitment solutions and ensuring timely and reliable supply of manpower to the most exigent clients.

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