Brief description:

Deployment of 100 different trades to a major Caribbean Shipyard on a short notice. All the men needed to have extensive experience in abroad shipyards, to be highly skilled, to have strong safety culture and intercultural experience. All of them have to be enthusiastic, determined, motivated, with commitment for high productivity. The ranks required are: mechanical fitters, riggers, blaster, painters, scaffolders, platers, welders, pipefitters, dock electricians, dock motormen, charge hands and foremen for all the above ranks.
All the men selected by us are very well prepared, highly skilled, multi qualified and with a vast background in their domain of activity.

Scope of work:

  • Steel fabricators for steel structures on ships for new buildings and repairs
  • Riggers for docking block arrangements, docking maneuvering and rigging
  • Blasters and painters for vessel hulls, decks, superstructures, tanks and different parts and surfaces
  • Pipe fitters for maintenance or new system pipes and boilers and boiler makers
  • Mechanical fitters for overhauling of main engines, auxiliary engines, valves, pumps
  • Scaffolders for scaffoldings in tanks and around the superstructures and roofs


This was an easy task for Nedcon Maritime team as all biodata and the personal details, professional experience, medical records, studies are updated and verified in our system and the generation of the application CV’s is made automatically in bulk. As per the joining procedures all men should have a Passport, a valid Medical Examination through the entire period of contract, clean recent criminal record, photos, insurance forms filled in, application for insurance, flights, guarantee letter, accommodation and contract.
All works were completed safely and in due time.

Client feedback:

Our Client was extremely satisfied with the work done by the workforce we provided in the shortest time and at the best cost.

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