Project description and scope of work:

In 2013 NEDCON Maritime has received an enquiry for a team of 30 Pipefitters to be trained for the Georg Fischer innovative plastic piping system in order to be able to perform a complex job of replacing the entire piping system on board of a very large passenger vessel.


NEDCON Maritime performed very well in gathering the most suitable professionals for the work, who assimilated in the shortest time the training and also proved their capacities in adjusting to all types of difficult jobs in collaboration with other nationalities, confirming the knowledge of English language. Apart from this, setting up Riding Squads of qualified personnel who can fly to the nearest port and board the vessel cuts the downtime and costs to minimum for our clients as the repair and maintenance jobs are carried out while their vessels continue on their charter routes.


The rapidly gathered team managed to complete an excellent job in a record time, exceeding the expectations regarding the length of the job, leading to the extreme satisfaction of the client.

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